Checklist on Hiring Property Management in Atlanta GA

Property management in Atlanta GA is not an easy undertaking because tenants and property owners have high expectations that need to be met. Tenants expect quality services for their money and property owners aim at maximizing revenues from their rental investments. It is, therefore, important for a real estate investor in Atlanta to make sure he/she has hired an effective manager to look after their rental properties without compromising the well being of their tenants. Moreover, hiring an incompetent property manager may result to high vacancy rates and consequently low rental revenues. The following are the basic factors to look for when hiring a property manager.

  1. Skills and experience

A good property manager should have adequate skills and experiences. Although it is not mandatory for a property manager in Atlanta to have some college education in real estate matters, it is important to make sure that the manager you are about to hire has adequate skills to handle real estate and tenancy matters in the region. However, having a college education in real estate matters should be a plus when choosing a property manager. A good property manager should also have experiences and a good track record.

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  1. Adequate resources

It is the responsibility of the manager to take care of the property on behalf of their clients. This includes handling repair and maintenance needs and solving other tenancy related issues. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the manager you intend to hire has adequate resources to enable him/her to take good care of your rental investment properties. It is worth noting that property management companies in Atlanta GA have adequate resources than most of the individual property managers in the region. Therefore, property management firms at times are a better bet than an individual manager. It must be stated that this is not always the case.

  1. Licensing and certification

Property management is a lucrative business that has attracted many people, some qualified and others unqualified. It is, therefore, important to make sure the property manager you intend to hire to look after your real estate investment is licensed and has permission to operate in the region legally. By doing so, you are able to hire only qualified persons to look after your real estate investment. Remember that there are several requirements that they must meet in order to be licensed and permitted to operate.

  1. Local property managers

The industry has attracted both local and out of state property managers. Some of the out-of-state property managers lack a good understanding of the region’s real estate market. It is, therefore, wise to consider local property managers because they have a better understanding of the Atlanta real estate market. Local property managers also have a better understanding of the laws and regulations that govern tenancy in the region. Therefore local property managers are in a better position to handle tenancy related issues than out of state managers.

  1. Affordability

In as much as you want to hire an effective property manager to look after your rental investment, it is also important to consider the most affordable managers in the region. Remember that property managers take a percentage of your monthly rental income. Some can take up to 20 percent of the monthly rent collected. You need to interview several property managers and hire the most affordable one, as long as their services are good.

  1. Communication

A good property manager should have good communication skills. A property manager serves as a link between the property owner and tenants. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the person taking care of your rental properties is able to communicate well with your tenants and potential tenants. A good property manager should also be able to give you timely reports about your investment.

  1. Good reputation

Tenants in Atlanta are very sensitive when dealing with property managers. Subsequently, many potential tenants are attracted to rental properties that are managed by property managers with a good reputation. Therefore, you can reduce vacancy rates in your rental properties by hiring a manager with a good reputation to take care of your investment.

  1. Good marketing skills

The real estate investment market is very competitive in this region. It is, therefore, important to make sure you have hired a property manager with good marketing skills ( to take care of your investment and look for potential tenants. It is the responsibility of property managers in Atlanta to look for potential tenants on behalf of their clients and minimize vacancy rates.