Checklist on Hiring Property Management in Atlanta GA

Property management in Atlanta GA is not an easy undertaking because tenants and property owners have high expectations that need to be met. Tenants expect quality services for their money and property owners aim at maximizing revenues from their rental investments. It is, therefore, important for a real estate investor in Atlanta to make sure he/she has hired an effective manager to look after their rental properties without compromising the well being of their tenants. Moreover, hiring an incompetent property manager may result to high vacancy rates and consequently low rental revenues. The following are the basic factors to look for when hiring a property manager.

  1. Skills and experience

A good property manager should have adequate skills and experiences. Although it is not mandatory for a property manager in Atlanta to have some college education in real estate matters, it is important to make sure that the manager you are about to hire has adequate skills to handle real estate and tenancy matters in the region. However, having a college education in real estate matters should be a plus when choosing a property manager. A good property manager should also have experiences and a good track record.

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  1. Adequate resources

It is the responsibility of the manager to take care of the property on behalf of their clients. This includes handling repair and maintenance needs and solving other tenancy related issues. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the manager you intend to hire has adequate resources to enable him/her to take good care of your rental investment properties. It is worth noting that property management companies in Atlanta GA have adequate resources than most of the individual property managers in the region. Therefore, property management firms at times are a better bet than an individual manager. It must be stated that this is not always the case.

  1. Licensing and certification

Property management is a lucrative business that has attracted many people, some qualified and others unqualified. It is, therefore, important to make sure the property manager you intend to hire to look after your real estate investment is licensed and has permission to operate in the region legally. By doing so, you are able to hire only qualified persons to look after your real estate investment. Remember that there are several requirements that they must meet in order to be licensed and permitted to operate.

  1. Local property managers

The industry has attracted both local and out of state property managers. Some of the out-of-state property managers lack a good understanding of the region’s real estate market. It is, therefore, wise to consider local property managers because they have a better understanding of the Atlanta real estate market. Local property managers also have a better understanding of the laws and regulations that govern tenancy in the region. Therefore local property managers are in a better position to handle tenancy related issues than out of state managers.

  1. Affordability

In as much as you want to hire an effective property manager to look after your rental investment, it is also important to consider the most affordable managers in the region. Remember that property managers take a percentage of your monthly rental income. Some can take up to 20 percent of the monthly rent collected. You need to interview several property managers and hire the most affordable one, as long as their services are good.

  1. Communication

A good property manager should have good communication skills. A property manager serves as a link between the property owner and tenants. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the person taking care of your rental properties is able to communicate well with your tenants and potential tenants. A good property manager should also be able to give you timely reports about your investment.

  1. Good reputation

Tenants in Atlanta are very sensitive when dealing with property managers. Subsequently, many potential tenants are attracted to rental properties that are managed by property managers with a good reputation. Therefore, you can reduce vacancy rates in your rental properties by hiring a manager with a good reputation to take care of your investment.

  1. Good marketing skills

The real estate investment market is very competitive in this region. It is, therefore, important to make sure you have hired a property manager with good marketing skills ( to take care of your investment and look for potential tenants. It is the responsibility of property managers in Atlanta to look for potential tenants on behalf of their clients and minimize vacancy rates.

Tips on Home Renovation

Renovating your house is very important in enabling you to enjoy a more comfortable living environment. Moreover, renovations ensure that your house remains in good shape and keeps on appreciating. If you own a rental home, it is imperative you renovate it regularly. It is also worth noting that renovating your home allows you to stay longer without having to do repairs. Those intending to sell their homes, renovation allows your home to increase in value. Having a renovated and maintained home entices buyers to pay more. However, it is important to know where to start first when renovating your house in order to get the best return on investment. Here are basic tips on how you should you start your home renovations.

1. Home Assessment and Report Evaluation

The very first step when renovating your house is to conduct a thorough home assessment ( This will help you to determine whether it is the right time to do renovations and identify what needs to be repaired or replaced. It is important to hire a certified home inspector to assess your house if you want to get an accurate report to guide you with the renovations. If you do it by yourself, you may ignore vital areas such as the roof, basement, plumbing system, electrical panels, and air conditioning systems among others. Once you have received the inspection report, the next step is to evaluate it so that you can decide on the next action to take.

2. Air Systems

Different systems in your house such as the air conditioning system, heating system, and cooling system are very important because they play a big factor in your living comfort. It is also worth noting that if you want to sell or rent your home, potential buyers and tenants will start by checking whether different systems in your house are working as expected. It is, therefore, important to start by working on existing systems and identify what needs to be repaired or replaced. Remember that having faulty systems in your house interferes with your living comfort.

3. Plumbing Systems

Once you have completed working on air systems, the next area that you should consider is the plumbing system in your house. This includes piping, showers, bathrooms, drains and sewers. It is important to make sure your bathrooms and toilets are in good condition and upgrade what needs to be upgraded. If you are renovating your family house, having a functional plumbing system not only makes you and your family more comfortable, but it also lowers your water bills. On the other hand, if you intend to sell or rent your house, having a renovated plumbing system will make it more appealing for potential buyers.

4. Energy Efficiency

This includes repairing and replacing your electrical appliances with energy-efficient appliances. The idea behind installing energy efficient appliances in your home is to bring down electricity bills. If you intend to sell or rent out your home, installing energy efficient appliances will make your home more appealing to potential buyers and potential tenants.

5. Windows, Doors, and Ventilation

Once you have completed working on appliances in your house, the next step is to work on windows, doors, and ventilation. This includes repairing windows and doors, and as well as replacing those that are beyond repair. If you want to improve the security of your house, you can replace weak doors and windows with double glazed windows and solid doors. This will not only increase your safety, but also attract more potential buyers and renters for the same reasons.

6. Roof and Walls

Once you have completed renovating windows and doors, the next areas to consider is the roof and walls. Make sure there are no holes and cracks on the walls, and the roof is leak proof. Remove any foreign materials that could hinder rainwater to drain freely from your roof to your gutters.

7. Repaint your House and Replace the Flooring

It is also important to paint the interior and exterior of your house with the right combination of colors to give it a fresh look. If the flooring is in bad shape, have it replaced with appealing materials such as hardwood to add more value to your home.

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8. Property Landscape

The last step when renovating your house is to re-landscape the front and back lawns in your property to make them more appealing. You can also trim the trees in and add more flowers to make your home look lively.

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Are You Looking for A Top Spokane Company to Help You on Real Estate Matters? The Following Are Different Types of Real Estate Companies to Consider

It is important to know the right real estate company to approach based on your investment needs, if you want to be successful in Spokane real estate investing. To many people, the only real estate company they know is the agent who gives them keys to a property after renting or buying it. However, it is worth noting that there are different types of real estate companies, which render different real estate related services. If you are looking for a top Spokane company to help you with your real estate needs, it is important to approach the most suitable company in order to get services that correspond with your needs. The following are different real estate companies in Spokane that you need to know in order to make informed decisions.

1. Real estate development companies 

These Spokane real estate companies focus on developing real estate properties on behalf of their clients. They buy land and build properties so they can sell them at a future profit or rent to generate revenue. If you are looking for a home in Spokane developing areas, you need to look for a real estate company that focuses on real estate development. These companies can sell you an already developed property or help you to build the property of choice.

2. Real estate brokerage companies 

These real estate companies help in the negotiations between home sellers and homebuyers at a commission. They work as intermediaries between property sellers and property buyers by connecting potential buyers with willing sellers. Once a real estate buyer and real estate seller agree on the price, real estate brokerages facilitate the transaction and get paid a commission for doing so.

3. Property management companies 

In Spokane, there are top property management companies that focus on managing rental properties on behalf of the owners. Property management companies are entrusted by property owners with the responsibilities of taking care of the property, looking for tenants, collecting rent and rental deposits as well as handling tenancy related issues. If you are a property owner and you intend to hire a property management firm to look after your investment, it is good to hire a top Spokane Company to manage your property.

4. Residential real estate companies 

Some real estate companies in Spokane have specialized in buying and selling of residential properties such as homes and apartments. In order to offer customized services to Spokane real estate clients, majority of the residential real estate companies in Spokane focus on connecting homebuyers and home sellers, as well as facilitating paper work and sale transactions. Some residential real estate companies in Spokane have gone further to specialize on buyers, sellers, seniors or first-time homebuyers only. It is important to make sure that you have approached the most suitable real estate company in Spokane in order to get quality services.

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5. Commercial real estate companies 

Some real estate companies in Spokane have specialized in commercial properties only. These companies focus on activities that involve identifying, purchasing and selling of real estate properties to be used for commercial purposes only. It is worth noting that commercial real estate companies in Spokane charge higher rates for their services. This is because commercial real estate in the region is much more demanding and it takes more time than residential deals. Some of these companies help commercial real estate investors in Spokane with fundamental issues such as permitting, development, financing, zoning and conducting feasibility studies among others.

6. Industrial real estate companies 

These are more specialized commercial real estate companies, which deal with real estate meant for industrial purposes. These companies are more skilled than regular commercial real estate companies in Spokane because they have to get a property that meets the geographical location requirement, environmental requirements, government requirements and community regulations for their clients. Industrial real estate companies in Spokane target people looking for land or property to set up a manufacturing company.

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7. Real estate investment companies 

These are real estate companies that work with investors, both individuals and investment groups, to help them acquire or develop properties. These real estate companies help their clients to identify income-generating properties such as rental apartments, rental homes and retail centers such as strip malls. These real estate companies are conversant with the area where the property is located and are able to approximate the expected returns of the property based on history and prevailing market trends. Real estate investment companies are suitable for those looking for income generating properties in Spokane, whether as an individual or as an investment group.